Monday, June 23, 2014

A Thought on Proselytizers Who Threaten Damnation

One who comes to the Christian religion—or any system of religious belief—not out of reverence for the word of god as recorded in scripture, earnest desire to enter the Christian community, sincere devotion and unreserved submission to the god of the bible, and wholehearted belief in Jesus’ substitutionary atonement but, rather, out of naked, craven fear of consignment to the lake of fire is not properly Christian at all but is, in fact, the embodiment of pusillanimity…an individual whose abject cowardice and fraudulent piety serve to insult—not exalt—his or her “newly found” faith.

It makes one wonder why so much evangelism is done at the point of a metaphorical sword.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Argument from Temporal Relationships, as Applied to a Timeless Causative Actor

Following a very long period of inactivity, I here present an argument that, I believe, demonstrates the untenability of the notion that a causative actor—such as, for example, a creator deity—can be timeless while still being causative.

To start, I will define two key terms:

"Bound by time" is defined as follows: "in the case of two or more things, when each one has a temporal location relative to the other(s)."

"A timeless being" is defined as follows: "a being that does not have a temporal location relative to anything."

Now, the argument:

Premise 1: Any two things [X] and [Y] that have a temporal relationship are bound by time.
Premise 2: "Cause" and "effect" have a temporal relationship.
Conclusion 1: "Cause" and "effect" are bound by time.

Premise 3: A timeless being is not bound by time.
Conclusion 2: A timeless being is neither "cause" nor "effect."

If this argument is, as I believe, sound, then a creator (causative) deity that is ostensibly a timeless being is, in fact, a non-existing manifestation of absurd reasoning.

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